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Clarified Combat Rules

This file provides examples of what constitutes both Standard and Combined Actions in a combat round.

Character Generation Charts

These charts combine notes and tables from several versions of the King Arthur Pendragon game, allowing players to make up characters from various cultures and homelands over the various eras of the game.

Cymric Name Generator

Orjan Westin created this simple excel sheet to help GMs (and lazy players) come up with names for male Cymri.

How to Play Pendragon

This file gives an overview of the rules for the Pendragon game.

NPC Generator

This excel sheet, by Staffan Blomqvist, is handy for coming up with NPCs on the fly.

Revised Childbirth Tables

Greg Stafford's posted rules on childbirth and survival, based upon the age of the child's mother.

Revised & Clarified Winter Phase Tables

An easy to follow guidelines for conducting winter Phases.



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5th Edition PDF 

Character Sheet

Pendragon Player's Map

(485 AD)

Travel Times for Salisbury

(485 AD)

Salisbury Manors

(485 AD)

5th Edition Wotanic

Excel Sheet

5th Edition Heathen 

Excel Sheet

5th Edition British Pagan Excel Sheet

5th Edition Roman Christian Excel Sheet

5th Edition British Christian Excel Sheet

4th Edition Generic 

Excel Sheet 

4th Edition Christian 

Excel Sheet

4th Edition Pagan 

Excel Sheet

4th Edition PDF Character Sheet

Pendragon Player's Map (531  AD)

Regions of Britain (531 AD)

Map of Logres  (531 AD)

The North 

(531 AD)


(531 AD)

France & Gaul 

(531 AD)


(531 AD)


Genealogy  Sheet

Britain (475-550 AD)

Group Sheet for Pendragon (.doc)



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Arthurian Legend Site

Le Morte d'Arthur is presented in a full-text and summarized version on this excellent site.

Arthur's Lineage

This family tree shows the lineage of the House of Pendragon, Benwick and of Joseph of Arimathea.

Artorius, Ambrosius, Arthur

This 16 page PDF file presents Sheila Brynjulfson's evidence of Arthur's existence and cites numerous references.

British Placenames

This PDF file lists Welsh, Romano-British, and Anglo-Saxon placenames.

British  Timeline 449-600 AD

A brief overview of British history in the time of Arthur.

Geoffrey of Monmouth

This PDF file presents the sections of his Historia Regum Britanniae (written c.1136 AD) that contains evidence of the existence of Arthur.  This work cites De Excidio Britanniae (c.600 AD) by Gildas and  Historia Brittonum by Nennius as its sources.  Through these writings and others, such as The Black Book of Carmarthen and The Saxon Chronicles, the legend of Arthur took root.

Scottish Timeline 449-600 AD

A brief overview of Scottish history in the time of Arthur.



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Early British Kingdoms

An indispensable site for anyone wanting to run a Pendragon campaign.  This site as maps, insights into the historical Arthur, biographies of British saints and notes on the historical adversaries of the early Britons (the Saxon, Picts and Scots).

Greg Stafford's Pendragon Page

New material, links and a webstore for Mr. Stafford's latest projects.  A great resource for your Pendragon game.


My blog for discussing RPGs, Pendragon and D&D in particular.  I use the blog as a place to discuss houserules, campaign ideas, and rule questions/concerns.

The Yahoo Pendragon Group

Greg Stafford is pretty active on these email-based forums.



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Dungeons & Dragons

My site for incarnations of D&D, past and present.  It includes reference sheets, links, rule clarifications, etc.


My homebrew setting for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons can be found at this site, along with maps, and reference sheets.


Maps, links, reference materials and more can be found at this site.